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Many Thanks!

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Behind The Scenes – Our Bowman Volunteers

  • Rebecca Fagan Gorospe – Bowman PTO Co-VP Communications, Library Volunteer Coordinator, Webmaster, Room Parent, and incoming (2019-20) PTA Co-President


Bowman Field Day

Bowman’s All-Grade field day is scheduled for June 12. Mr. Kane has a wonderful day planned for the students, and we need parent volunteers to join in the fun that day! See the Field Day Schedule. Sign up to help on Field Day: Field Day Sign Up

We need parents to help with equipment set up, game facilitators (for three time frames), water station attendants, first aid attendants, lunch servers, and equipment breakdown. Lunch will be provided by Whitsons that day and occur outside. Volunteers might consider helping for lunch while your child is not scheduled for field day. Currently there are only station numbers – activity names and descriptions will be provided prior to field day.

LPS food service provider, “Whitson’s” is planning an outdoor cookout during our regularly scheduled lunch times (please see Bowman Field Day June 12 Lunch Menu.docx). Students and/or adults interested in purchasing school lunch need to have money in their school account. We are unable to accept cash. The cost for student lunch will be $4.00 and adults will be $4.50. As always, children are welcome to bring a lunch from home.

Additionally, we need to borrow 3-4 outdoor canopies/tents so we can set up tables for various stations. If you have a tent or canopy that we can borrow for Field Day, please contact fieldday@bowmanpto.org for coordination.

ON Field Day June 12 – Preparing your child in the morning, reminders to all families:

  • Bring a water bottle (label with your name)
  • Sunscreen, bug/tick repellant may be applied at home
  • Students many not bring to school & teachers may not apply
  • Please contact Jean Claffey (school nurse) if you have any questions
  • Bring a towel (label with your name) – students will need this for a picnic as well as for spectating the grade 5 kickball game.
  • Review the Whitson’s lunch menu and ensure there is money in the school account if purchasing lunch that day.
  • Please wear either Bowman Spirit Wear OR grade level shirt color: K Red; 1st Yellow; 2nd Blue; 3rd Orange; 4th Purple; 5th Green

If there are any questions, please email fieldday@bowmanpto.org.


Box Tops For Education

Monthly Update

The Bowman PTO received a check from Box Tops for $303 (for the period of Nov 1 to Mar 1). This is in addition to the $677 already raised by Box Tops this year! Congratulations, you have have helped Bowman earn $980 this year!

Final numbers are in for the Apr 2019 Box Tops classroom collection competition, and the winner is…… Miss Thompson’s class with 262 boxtops! Congratulations – the Box Top BOT, the Bowman Box Top mascot, will now spend the month of May in Miss Thompson’s classroom. Ms. Durling’s class came in second with 164 and Ms. Kupfer’s class came in third with 130 Box Tops

You can send your Box Tops into the classroom in a plastic bag, envelope or on a collection sheet: Collection Sheets.

A Sneak Peek at What’s Coming!

Box Tops are going digital! Over the next few months you’ll begin to see a new way to earn cash for Bowman. Starting in June (more details coming), there will be a NEW and improved, user-friendly Box Tops mobile app that allows you to scan your store receipt, find participating products and instantly add Box Tops to your school’s earnings online. Clipping will become a thing of the past and you will have direct visibility into Bowman’s earnings.

How does the new program work? You’ll download the new and improved, user-friendly Box Tops app, register and select a school, and then scan an eligible receipt containing Box Tops products. You’ll earn 10 cents for each Box Tops product purchased plus extra earnings for any Bonus Box Tops opportunities. The app will automatically add Box Tops to your school’s earnings online, giving visibility to see how you are supporting your school in real-time.

Can I still send in regular Box Tops? Yes! Keep clipping regular Box Tops and sending them to your schools as long as you continue to find them on packages. Your school will still get credit for all Box Tops validly submitted by your school’s coordinator.

More FAQ’s can be found here: https://www.boxtops4education.com/sneakpeek_faq. Questions? Contact the Box Tops Coordinator: boxtops@bowmanpto.org.


Many Thanks!

Thank You Gary!

On behalf of the PTA and the rest of the Bowman community we would like to express a tremendous thank you to Gary VanDeurse for serving as PTA co-president for the past two years. A fixture in the library and a key contributor to our most recent auction fundraiser, Gary has brought his great enthusiasm, focus, and practicality to the role of co-President, for which we are enormously grateful. Gary has dedicated countless hours of his time and energy to making sure that the PTA supported every member of the Bowman family, from family-focused events to faculty support in the classroom. We will miss having Gary in this role and are excited to see where he puts his energies and talents next. Thank you, Gary, for your many contributions to the Bowman community!

A Bowman Connection

Earlier this year, Principal Corduck and the PTA Presidents were pleasantly surprised by a Bowman connection from out of state. Mr. Bruce Bowman, of Annapolis, Maryland, contacted them to let them know that he was a descendant of the Nathaniel Bowman family, for which our school is named. A life-long learner, PhD, and supporter of education, Mr. Bowman was so thrilled to find out about our school through some family ancestry research he was conducting, that he made a generous donation to the PTA. When we thanked Mr. Bowman for his support and let him know that it helped us purchase additional tables and expand the fantastic Science Fair that we had in February, his response was, “You made my day….I’m still smiling!”

Around the World… In a Few Hours

Our Bowman community had a great opportunity to “travel the world” and celebrate our diversity on May 30th. Students and adults, alike, tasted, learned and experienced something new from a culture different from their own heritage at Passport to the World! We are very thankful to the committee that volunteered to plan and run this celebration: Beth Glick, Caroline Uzenski, Ellen Day, Suzanne Udell, Joshua Curhan, Martha Rogers, Joan Strodel, Rosanne Barbacano, Jackie Anderson, Rita Dulgarian, Vibha Singhal, Lora Malone-Quinlan, Ruvini Sudharma, and Erica Lawrence.

Thanks also goes to those who volunteered to share your family’s culture at the event, whether with food, traditions, language, performance or art!

We Also Appreciate

Bowman celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week May 6-10 and as usual there was an array of heart-felt student-created Appreciation projects presented to our class teachers. We hope everyone had a fun week celebrating our teachers in such creative ways. Thank you to our room parents for organizing this work! Our Bowman staff were also appreciated throughout the week with an assortment of goodies, from teas to chocolates and even breakfast and lunch! A big thank you goes to Brandy Hartford for putting those wonderful treats together and to all the parents who helped with donating food and drink and helping to setup/cleanup. If you are interested in organizing Teacher Appreciation week next year (either with the well-documented plans and shopping lists; and/or adding your own new ideas), please email president@bowmanpto.org.

Bowman Writes

The Bowman Writes magazine is in the print shop as we draft this note and we can’t wait to have them sent in your child’s backpack. We thank our budding writers, poets and artists for their enthusiastic and creative submissions. We are deeply grateful to Ms. Selhub who has poured her heart and soul into this magazine and has worked tirelessly to turn the submissions into a high quality magazine.We thank Betsy Lamore for editing, and the fourth grade teaching team for support. We are thankful to Bowman parents, Kate Jun, Sarah Carter, Nancy Kim, and Jo Sun for assistance with the scanning, editing, and typing of submissions.

The PTA thanks Wendy Carlton and Suman Murali for partnering with Ms. Selhub to make this magazine happen.

Behind The Scenes – Our Bowman Volunteers

Rebecca Fagan Gorospe – Bowman PTO Co-VP Communications, Library Volunteer Coordinator, Webmaster, Room Parent, and incoming (2019-20) PTA Co-President

A good friend once told me “It’s more fun when everyone helps.” I believe this is true, and that we have a great community here at Bowman that is very supportive and inclusive because of all our volunteers. My daughter (Isabella) is in third grade this year, and being a room parent each year for her class has not only helped her classroom, but it has also connected me with other parents and families in her class. Volunteering during library classes, and as a library volunteer coordinator, has connected me with my daughter’s classmates, other parents, and teachers. I think the library is one of the most important and helpful places to volunteer at Bowman, because volunteers are needed to support every class. Volunteering with the Bowman PTO Board in my communications role for the past three years has been a great place to help with overall school community building, and I’ve also made some great friends. I’m looking forward to continuing in my new role with the Bowman PTO Board for next year, and supporting the overall Bowman community as co-president.






June 2019

12 – All-School Field Day

13 – 5th Grade Moving on Ceremony

14 – 5th Grade Luau

18 – Last Day of School (Half Day)

August 2019

20 – New to Bowman Parent/Guardian  K-5 Information Night, 7-8pm

21 – New to Bowman Student/Family Tour  For Grades 1-5, 9:30-11am

25 – LexFun Kindergarten Meet Up, 10:30am-12pm

26 – Kindergarten Sneak Peek, 2-3:00pm

27 – First Day of School (Half Day)

27 – PTA Coffee

28 – Kindergarten Half Day

29 – Half Day

30 – No School



September Submissions
Broadside submissions should be sent to Suman Murali at broadside@bowmanpto.org. Deadline for the the September issue is August 22nd.

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No zooming…pull out slowly after dropping off and picking up your children.

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