June 2021

Bowman End-of-the-Year Family Picnic

THIS Friday, June 4, 5:00 pm at the Bowman Playground

Join us for an end-of-the-year family picnic at Bowman on Friday, June 4th, starting at 5:00 pm. It’ll be a great opportunity to see other Bowman families (in-person!) as we close out the school year. Please bring your own food or just enjoy an evening at the playground.

Bowman Fun Run

UPDATED – All-School Fundraising Event for All Bowman Students! Customize your student’s Fun Run page and send to your family and friends to start sponsoring run/walk minutes today (get customization tips). Students are not required to fundraise in order to participate in the Bowman Kids Fun Run.

Key Dates

Get Ready to Win Some Amazing Prizes!

  • Extra recess for classes with the most running and fundraising!
  • Prizes for Top 3 runners (minutes) and fundraisers!
  • Bowman swag bags for grade level winners!
  • Prizes for most laps run by grade on the Bowman Fun Run course!

Day of the Run Volunteers Needed!

We are very excited that we will finally be able to have volunteers at school for our last event of the year! We need LOTS of volunteers to help us make the day run smoothly. *If you have an RLA student coming to the run please consider volunteering to help while you are there waiting.  IMPORTANT: You must have a CORI check on file with the Bowman front office to volunteer.

Sign up to be a volunteer! Please scroll down the list to see all the options that are still open.

Thank You to our Bowman Kids Fun Run 2021 Sponsors!

We look forward to this event and hope you will have fun participating! Please email funrun@bowmanpto.org with any questions.

5th Grade Moving On Celebration!

Part 1 – Moving On Ceremony

Friday, June 11th from 2:00-2:45 PM

In a typical school year, this celebration would be at school, in person. However, due to current restrictions, “Moving On” will be held virtually, “live” on Zoom. Portions of the ceremony will be pre-recorded, however it will be important for immediate household family members and their “graduating” 5th grader be available on the day and time listed above.

Part 2 – Rolling Car Parade

Friday, June 11th from 2:45-4:00 PM (updated)

All 5th grade students and their families are invited to participate in a car parade, driving down the one way driveway, past the entrance to Bowman. Staff will be present to wave and cheer participants on. We strongly encourage you to show your Bowman/Lexington SPIRIT and decorate your car. At the end of the driveway, our fifth grade teachers will hand each vehicle a “goodie” bag with a yearbook and other treats.

Just Added! Part 3 – 5th Grade Moving On After-party

Friday, June 11th from 4:45-5:45 PM

Join us back at Bowman for some kickball, a scavenger hunt, hula hoop dancing, yummy frozen custard from Abbott’s and Italian ice – as dairy free option! We kindly ask that you do not congregate after the parade, in order to avoid congestion and allow school staff to head home before we all reconvene for some family fun! Families and siblings welcome!! This is NOT a drop-off event.

Special thanks to Jason and Amelia Denoncourt for donating frozen custard for all to enjoy!

Volunteers Needed for the 2021-22 School Year: Bowman Broadside, Big Back Yard, and More!

We are in need of program organizers for the Fall. Please email president@bowmanpto.org asap if you would like to help!

Bowman Broadside: The Broadside is published monthly on our website. Responsibilities include coordinating with the communications team and program organizers to gather content. Previous WordPress experience helpful but not required. This is a great position for a computer-savvy volunteer who can take charge, and will require just a few hours each month.

Big Backyard: The BBY group is looking for two more coordinators to help ensure this amazing program runs easily next year. The coordinator would assist in training other parents during the school day periodically throughout the year, and helping to schedule walks, which takes place anytime online.

The Insider’s Guide to Bowman: We are in search of a volunteer to help with updates to the Insider’s Guide. The guide is updated once a year in the Fall. Work in coordination with Bowman School administrators to make the updates. Our current organizer for this will be able to guide you through the process for the first year.

Bowman Book Swap and Stories Under the Stars: We need one or two additional volunteers to help organize one of the most beloved events at Bowman. This role will require organization and planning as well as coordination during the event.

Disco Bingo Night: Are you a party planner? Bingo Night is a fun-filled night for the whole family with teacher and student Bingo callers, a DJ, and prizes! Organizers focus on publicizing the annual event (Early April), obtaining prizes, and recruiting Bingo callers. Work in conjunction with the Class Basket Raffle organizers, for this fun-filled fundraiser evening. This is a good position for one or two volunteers. Our current organizer will be graduating soon and we’d love to pass this event on to a new team of volunteers.

Class Basket Raffle: We are in need of one or two parent volunteers to help with the Class Basket Raffle for the 2021-2022 school year and beyond. Raffle Baskets are usually on display in the school for two weeks, and the Raffle is held during Disco Bingo Night. Organizers communicate with room parents, create a signup for baskets, promote and sell raffle tickets before and during the event, and coordinate with Disco Bingo organizers on the evening of the event. This is an important fundraiser for the PTA and is ideal for a team of 2-4 volunteers.

Check the full list for more volunteer opportunities.

Thank You!

Variety Show Thanks!
Thank you to all of the families who came out to support our variety show performers in May. A big thanks to all of the Bowman students who participated, and our 5th graders, Isabella Gorospe, Max Quattrochi, Radhika Verma, and John Wright, who volunteered as MCs for the afternoon. A huge thank you to Beth Glick for hosting this final virtual event of the year and to our parent organizers, Lora Mulone-Quinlan, Jade Do, and Rebecca Fagan Gorospe, who recreated this event in zoom form. Great job everyone!

Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week Thanks
Thank you to all the Bowman room parents and volunteers who organized classroom gifts for teachers this week! And a HUGE thanks to the PTA Staff Appreciation team for organizing teacher gift packets for all teachers and staff. You are all amazing volunteers, and we appreciate YOU! And last but not least, with much gratitude, we would like to again thank all of our Bowman teachers and staff for the amazing job you have all done this year. We can’t thank you enough! Despite all the challenges of this unusual year, you have been cheerful, you have been helpful, and you have been there for our children and families when we needed you. We really appreciate it all!!

Bowman Fun Run Organizers and Volunteers
A huge thank you our Bowman Fun Run team – Brandy Hartford, Christine Chang, Kessie Avseikova, Lakshmi Ramanath, Lisa Premerlani, and Rebecca Fagan Gorospe – for organizing this year’s event! Thank you to Mr Kane, and all the parent volunteers, teachers and staff. Thank you to Ms Corduck for all your support!

Thank You to Everyone for a Great Year!

We would like to send a huge Thank You to all of you who have volunteered at Bowman this school year. Because of the pandemic, all of our PTA events and programs had to be reinvented, and a lot of hard work went into making it all happen.

The work of the PTA is made up of hundreds of moving parts and dedicated parents who show up and do the work. Even though almost every event was virtual this year there were still many many parents helpers involved behind the scenes. Thank you to all of our Room Parents and parents who volunteered virtually and in person this year. Our students light up with joy when they see the faces of familiar adults helping with Class Parties, Science Fair, Class Pictures, Disco Bingo night, Math Nights, After-School Clubs and so much more. Thank you to all the Library Volunteers who read to students during virtual lunchtime read-alouds. Thank you also to all of you who donate gifts to Families in Need and our Spring food drive.

This past year the PTA reinvented and implemented an amazing list of programs and events. This is work to be proud of and we want to send a special shout out to the parents who step up and take the lead on bringing these events to our community. A heartfelt thank you goes to parents who took the lead with the following events and programs:

  • School Directory: Sowmyashree Belur Sowmyakeshava, Priti Patel, Monna Gandhi Nanavati, Kessie Avseikova
  • Bowman Broadside: Lisa Spitz
  • Weekly Emails and Community Announcements: Stephanie Ryan and Brandy Hartford
  • Social Media: Fatema Sumar
  • Site Council: Stacey Caravella, Valerie Machinist, Suman Murali, and Tracey Dawson
  • METCO Family and Friends: Lisa Premerlani, Taleen Gleeson, and Anita Saint Fleur
  • Room Parent Coordinator and Insider’s Guide to Bowman: Melinda Nasardinov
  • Library Coordinators: Kate Babineau, Meghan Wilson, and Rebecca Fagan Gorospe
  • Welcoming Committee: Lauren Avery
  • Bowman Writes: Suman Murali, Wendy Short Carlton, and Jo Sun
  • School Picture Day: Michele Andronaco
  • Families in Need and Food Drive: Radha Badani & Carrie Rose
  • Arts Created Together: Asli Cakim & Liza Leventhal-Byers
  • Family Math Nights: Taleen Gleeson, Lauren Avery, and Stephanie Ryan
  • Math Team: Andrew Bennett, and all of the other parent volunteers helping behind the scenes
  • BOKS: Jess and Paul Quattrocchi
  • After School Virtual Clubs: Jackie Anderson (Dinosaur Explorers) and Christine Chang (Origami)
  • Science Fair: Karla Nash, Jo Sun, Megan Haggerty, Belle Chang, and Tania Rolandi
  • Virtual Stories Under the Stars Coffeehouse: Sisy Thomas & Melinda Nasardinov
  • Passport to the World Series: Beth Glick, Jackie Anderson, Natasha Zeb, Nayera Thabet, Rebecca Fagan Gorospe, and Anne Norman
  • Teacher Appreciation Activities: Brandy Hartford, Janice Patel, and Rita Dulgarian
  • Variety Show: Lora Mulone-Quinlan and Jade Do
  • SEPAC: Lori Wright
  • Virtual Disco Bingo/Class Basket Raffle: Lisa Premerlani, Anne Norman, Lakshmi Ramanath, Brandy Harford, Christina Chang, and Rebecca Fagan Gorospe
  • Kids Fun Run: Brandy Hartford, Christina Chang, Lakshmi Ramanath, Kessie Avseikova, Lisa Premerlani, and Rebecca Fagan Gorospe
  • End of Year Picnic: Jackie Anderson
  • Gingerbread Cookie Contest and Bomwan’s First Readathon: Lakshmi Ramanath and Brandy Hartford
  • Book Fair: Katie Quick, Priti Patel, Kessie Avseikova, and Brandy Hartford
  • Spiritwear: Tish Apstein, Susie Hammond, Kristen Grant, Jackie Anderson, Lora Mulone-Quinlan, & Courtney Jones
  • Box Tops: Kim Moore
  • Stop and Shop: Sharon Huang
  • Amazon Smile: Karin Ornstein
  • 5th Grade Activities: Thank you to the group of parents who make this an extra special experience for our students in their final year at Bowman. 5th Grade Cookbook: Theresa Minogue, Victoria Moule, Ming Tregay. Moving On: Shannon Davis, Maria Bertram, Ina Jiang, Carla Perrotta, Lora Mulone-Quinlan, Allison Watts, Sonia Iyer, Melodie Lovely, Corina Hadjiodysseos. Ice Cream Social: Jess Quattrocchi, Lori Wright. Yearbook: Sisy Thomas. 5th Grade T-Shirts: Tish Apstein, and Rebecca Fagan Gorospe
  • Big Back Yard team members who are graduating: Ming Tregay, Victoria Moule, and Lori Wright
  • PTA to PTO Transition Team: Brandy Hartford, Lisa Premerlani, and Valerie Machinist

For those of you who serve on the Executive Committee thank you for your hard work planning, collaborating and problem solving. This group of parents has spent countless hours reinventing and thinking about how all the pieces fit together to form an enriching and fun calendar of events. All with a sense of humor and good will.
Thank you Anne Norman and Rebecca Fagan Gorospe for serving as Co-Presidents this year!

And to…
Katie Quick, Advisory
Valerie Machinist, Secretary
Winnie Tsiang-Pong and Elaine Read, Co-Treasurers
Stephanie Ryan and Brandy Hartford, Co-VPs Communications
Lisa Premerlani, VP Events, Community
Lauren Avery, VP Events, Extracurricular
Lakshmi Ramanath, VP Events, Fundraising
Christine Chang, VP Membership
Taleen Gleeson, VP School Support
Karin Ornstein, VP Remote Community
Radha Badani, VP Community Service
Natasha Zeb, Nayera Thabet, and Jaclyn Anderson, Co-VPs Community – Cultural Activities

Thank you to our teacher liaisons Iris Goldfarb and Joshua Curhan.

Special acknowledgment goes to Jenny Corduck and Beth Glick for being invaluable partners in all of this work. Your collaborative spirit and gratitude are appreciated by all of us. Jenny, we look forward to continued Collaboration. Beth, we wish you all the best as you move on from Bowman and continue to do the work that inspires your passionate creativity!

Thank you to Katie Quick and Anne Norman for serving as my co-presidents these past two years. I have learned so much from so you both. This has been such a challenging year for all of us, and being part of this school community has made all the hard work worthwhile. Bowman is a wonderful school and it wonderful to be part of it. 

Rebecca Fagan Gorospe

Bowman PTO Co-Presidents

Next year we will be a PTO! Welcome and thank you to Brandy Hartford and Valerie Machinist, who will be next year’s Bowman PTO Co-Presidents along with Anne Norman. Valerie and Brandy have served on the PTA Board for many years combined, and we look forward to their continued leadership. Thank you so much to all of you for your continued commitment to Bowman School!

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September Submissions

Broadside submissions should be sent to broadside@bowmanpto.org. Deadline for September issue is August 27.