Welcome to Bowman!  Bowman is a great school and has a wonderful community of parents, students, teacher, and staff.  We know that transitioning to a new school can be challenging and we hope to make this process a little easier for you.  We are fortunate at Bowman to have families from countries all across the globe who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the school. What unites us is our commitment to ensuring that our children receive the best education possible.

We are here to help and encourage you to come to us with any questions you may have. The committee chair, Winnie Tsiang-Pong, has a student in third grade. Her experience with the staff, children, and families at Bowman has been wonderful and she wishes you and your children the same.

Check out all the things you need to know about school in our recently updated Insider’s Guide to Bowman. We also have a list of helpful links, if you are new to Lexington, as well as to Bowman Elementary.

Feel free contact us with any questions!

Welcoming Committee