Volunteer – Lunch and Composting

Bowman Lunch Volunteer Schedule and see the NEW Lunch Volunteer Training Slideshow for details.

For the 2021-2022 school year, we are in need of Lunch Volunteers.  Students will eat outside as much as possible, but because students will be socially distanced and spread across multiple lunch locations, we are in need of Lunch Volunteers.  Volunteers can sign up for a lunch shift (two consecutive lunch blocks) so they could expect to be at Bowman for approximately an hour. Times when volunteers are needed would be: 10:50 – 11:45 and 11:55 – 1:20.

Please sign up to be a Lunch Volunteer at Bowman Lunch Volunteer Schedule. See the NEW Lunch Volunteer Training Slideshow for details.

We will transition to add a form of lunch composting after the school year begins.

Since February 2019, Bowman students across all grades have been composting their school lunch trays and food waste instead of trashing them! This initiative has also been going on at all the other Lexington elementary and middle schools, and our experience has shown that up to 75% of trash/waste generated during lunch periods are compostable paper goods (trays, napkins) and food!  This waste is now being ‘recycled’, i.e. turned into nutrient rich soil for local farms and gardens, instead of going to a landfill/incinerator. 

Due to our lunchtime composting and recycling efforts, our student community is now producing only one bag of trash waste across all six grades daily instead of one-two bags of waste per grade pre-composting!

Bowman staff and parents have been very “excited” and “proud” to see how well our students have been practicing such environmental stewardship; our parent volunteers have described their experience as “fun!”

Come join the FUN! We still need some more parent volunteers to help direct students in the proper way to sort their lunch waste. Not only would you be supporting the school, but it’s a great opportunity to see what goes on during lunchtime. We have two shifts per day that there is lunch as follows:

Shift 1 (Grades K & 1, 2, ~4): 10:50am – 12pm
Shift 2 (Grades ~4, 5, 3): 12pm –  1:20 pm

Please check out the Volunteer Schedule spreadsheet and enter your name on the days and shifts that you are interested and able to volunteer, it doesn’t have to be every week, maybe just once or twice a month: Bowman Lunch Volunteer Schedule. Please be sure to include your email as well.  

Don’t know anything about composting?  Don’t worry!  We’ll walk you through the simple process.   If you have any questions or concerns, about composting, email: compost@bowmanpto.org 

Green Team Mission & Goals for Bowman School and PTO-sponsored Events

Bowman’s Green Team works together with students, families, and staff to:
  • REDUCE waste whether it’s food, paper, or plastics, and encourage reusable items
  • COMPOST food waste and other compostable items
  • RECYCLE non-compostable plastics, paper and other recyclables


The Green Team promotes green practices in our school community, including:
  • Encourage students and the rest of the Bowman community to BYOB (bring your own bottle) to use in classrooms, the cafeteria, and at PTO-sponsored events.
  • Compost food waste at all PTO events with food/drink, reduce use of single-use plastics, recycle unavoidable plastic.
  • Provide education/training for volunteers manning waste/recycle stations at events.
  • Maintain a small budget for purchasing signage, handouts, gloves, compostable items for events, etc.
  • Host Earth Day/Week activities (recycling drives, education, raffles).
  • Add “Eco-Corner”/Green tips in the monthly Broadside publication.
  • Promote other recycling opportunities, some of which can raise $ for the school/PTO (markers, textiles, plastic film/bags, printer toner, phones/tablets).
  • Facilitate more environmentally-minded curriculum by partnering with community resources, faculty and LPS.
  • Compost food waste at lunch.
  • Continue to update this page with information and graphics for education of the Bowman community in general and for PTO event planners.

Green Ways to Support Bowman

Participate in the LPS Race to Compost
Get in on the competition! Join all Lexington Public Schools in the “Race to Compost”.  Turn your food waste into valuable compost, earn a $10 donation for Bowman and get us closer to winning. Just mention “Bowman PTO” in the referral section when you sign up for curbside pick-up from Black Earth Compost for as little as $8 per month.  The first school with 50 referral sign-ups gets two 13-gallon compost bins and liners.[clearboth]

Recycle Your Used Textiles
Raise $ for Bowman while giving your used textiles a second life. The program generates a rebate of $100 per ton of textiles collected. Drop off your used textiles in the BayState Textiles Recycling container located in Bowman’s parking lot.[clearboth]

Volunteer with the Green Team

If you would like more information, or are interested in helping Bowman Go Green, please contact: greenteam@bowmanpto.org.

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