Arts Created Together, also known as ACT, is a town-wide program that is designed to enhance the education of Lexington’s elementary students. A Lexington music teacher, who recognized that music, dance and a variety of other creative art forms are wonderful tools for enriching curriculum-related program, established this program over 30 years ago.

With the support of Bowman families, each year the Bowman School ACT Committee raises funds and organizes live performances by talented artists that teachers count on to tie in with their curriculum for each grade level. ACT also brings major school-wide events to Bowman, such as Picasso People, Shakespearian, Ruby Bridges, Bamdiele: African Dance Troope, National Geographic: Big Map Family Night, George Russel & Co “Clap Your Hands”, and provided transportation for the 5th Grade field trip to the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

These programs reach and benefit every single Bowman student and are not possible without the Bowman families’ financial support through direct donations and fundraisers. On average ACT spends $25 per student throughout the year, we hope you consider a direct donation which can be sent in with your PTO sign-up. We need your support to make these performances for your child possible!


Past School-Wide Events Have Included:

  • Alphabet Rockers
  • National Geographic Big Map Family Night
  • Guest Speakers
  • Theater Performances
  • Dance Performances
  • Author Visits
  • and more!


Past Curriculum-Related Grade-Level Programs Have Included:

Kindergarten: Mother Goose’s Visit

ACT has welcomed Mother Goose to Bowman’s Kindergarten classrooms in past years. This professional storyteller drew on her broad experience as a performer and teacher to give young children a lively introduction to the creative language they will use throughout their lives. Mother Goose – and her friendly goose, Tallulah – brought her traveling bag filled with special friends just waiting for a chance to come out and say hello. The Three Billy Goats Gruff outsmarted the troll in an action puppet display. The Gingerbread Man met his end when he met the fox. And everyone got to join in and recite rhymes, sing songs and hear stories tailored for young listeners.

1st Grade: Local Author Visit Mr. Stephen Krensky
Stephen Krensky visited the 1st Grade classes to discuss his experiences with the writing process. He focused on one or two of his ideas and explained how they became stories, read the stories aloud to show how the idea grew into the story itself. He discussed all the different places – real and imaginary – where story ideas came from, the time involved, and the process of  bringing a book through the publishing process.

2nd Grade: The Dirtmeister, Steve Tomecek presents a Nonfiction Writer’s Workshop: science reports as fun!
Steve Tomecek is the founder of Science Plus, Inc. Steve began his professional career as a geologist (yes, he’s a real scientist!) specializing in geomorphology and soils. In addition to still working as a scientist, Steve has written over 45 nonfiction books for both teachers and kids. Among his television credits, he was the writer and star of Dr. Dad’s Ph-3, an Emmy award winning television science series which was broadcast on PBS stations across the country.

 3rd Grade: The Magic of Maps – Ms. Susan Pietrantoni
The “Magic of Maps” program integrates map skills and cartography with grade level social studies curriculum. The programs by Susan Pietrantoni, “The Map Lady” consist of two elements. The first element is the interactive assembly where map concepts are introduced and highlights the use of maps in other curriculum areas. The second element is the classroom cartography workshop.

4th Grade: Galileo Program – Mr. Mike Francis
The program started with a lecture by Galileo, discussing his most recent discoveries using his telescope. The program is interactive and Galileo brought audience members forward to help him demonstrate several of his discoveries. Following the lecture, Galileo went around to the individual classrooms to let the students ask him questions about his life, times and experiments. It gave every student a chance to ask Galileo their own question as well as take a look through his telescope.

5th Grade: Field trip to the Boston Symphony Orchestra

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