Bowman Science Fair: Rules

1. You must be enrolled in Bowman Elementary School (grade K through 5) to participate.

2. No dangerous chemicals or materials should be used in your project. Absolutely no poisonous chemicals, heaters, flames, high voltages, or hazardous materials will be allowed in the displays at the exhibit. Remember that children of all ages will be visiting your display and will be interested in your project.

3. No messy displays or demonstrations are allowed.

4. There will be no access to electricity at the fair. Therefore, no plug in (110V AC) devices will be allowed in the displays at the exhibit (they can be displayed, but they cannot be plugged in.)

5. No live animals are to be used as subjects during your presentation.  Your project can be about an animal(s) but you cannot bring a live animal to the Science Fair.

6. No humans are to be used as subjects during your presentation.  Your project can be about humans but you cannot use a human as a subject in the Science Fair.

7. Your display for the fair must fit within approximately a 30” W x 30” D area. You will be sharing a table with other fair participants.

8. The organizers and Bowman School reserve the right to disallow or prevent the exhibition of any display, which is dangerous or poses a safety risk in their opinion.

9. An adult must accompany the student at the Science Fair during the time of the exhibit in the evening

10. If you have food involved in your display an adult must remain at the exhibit during the time of the science fair to ensure the safety of all students.

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