Marketing Your Event Outside of Bowman

Here are some marketing tips for any event planner on the PTO Board:

1.  Lexington Minuteman:  email the editor directly, submissions for the week’s circulation are due by Monday noon (of that week). Ben Aaronson ([email protected])

2.  Lexington Patch:  post on their community calendar and contact editor, Patrick Ball, at [email protected], he may be able to do a brief profile on the event.

To post to calendar: and then click on “add an event”;  you’ll need to join Patch to do this – once you have done so, the steps to add an event are easy!

3.  Bowman PTO Presidents can send any marketing emails to the other school’s PTA/PTO Presidents who can then post to their school listservs.

4.  Post to the LexFUN! listserv ([email protected]).  (If you are not a member, Bowman PTO Presidents can help with this as well);  also post on [email protected]  (503 members) or [email protected] (1095 members).

5.  Colonial Times (they are bi-monthly, and usually close 4 weeks prior);  contact Jim Shaw, editor ([email protected]).

6.  Depending on your event – check with Colleen Smith ([email protected]) regarding a promo/PSA-type listing on Lex Media.  She is often looking for ideas for her show (LexGO).

7.  A few posters around town help to create awareness as well;  “key” community boards are:

*  Cary Library (must be 8.5 X 11″)
*  Catch A Falling Star
*  Peets & both Starbucks have very active community boards
*  Le Flamme Barber shop on Mass Ave in downtown Lexington – they’ll hang flyer in their window
*  Whole Foods
*  Lexington Pediatrics building entrance