Planning PTO Events: How To’s

Hello PTO Volunteers,

As you start planning your events, please read the following “how to” list. Please read through this entire page, also consult the PTO Event Planning Guide and Get the Word Out.


  • [email protected]: Our PTO Board mailing list is set up so we can easily communicate with each other. Please feel free to post questions, requests from other Board Members (volunteer or equipment needs) or for any other PTO business. We will also use this group to post PTO meeting minutes, meeting reminders, etc.
  • [email protected]: We will be your main liaison with Bowman’s principal. Instead of contacting the principal directly, please send us your ideas, dates, flyers or anything that needs approval. This way we keep the Q&A/flyer approval process streamlined. Keep in mind we are a 70+ member group and this is the best way for the principal to field our questions. We appreciate your understanding.
  • ‘‘ emails:  Look on our website ( if you need to look one up (including your own). Please use the .org emails instead of personal emails on flyers and group posts. You can also use them in the “Reply To:” section of your emails so replies go to your whole committee (see above).

Planning/booking your event:

Event Promotion: 

All “event planners” are responsible for their event promotion. You are encouraged to use the following:

For more information about all of these methods of event promotion see: Get the Word Out.

For promotion outside of the Bowman community, please see Marketing Your Event Outside of Bowman.

Don’t hesitate to contact the PTO Co-Presidents ([email protected]) if you have any questions.

PTO Event Planning Guide