Printing Instructions and PTA Policy

We encourage you to go paperless whenever possible, but there will be times when Room Helpers need to copy and distribute forms, such as your cover letter and Volunteer Sign-Up form at the beginning of the year. The PTA is not allowed to use the copy machines at school.

Please use LPS Print Center as a first choice and for the best pricing. LPS can print just about everything we could ever need, so please call them if you have any questions, they are very helpful. Please allow enough time in your schedule for printing.

If LPS Print Center is unable to handle a request you may use the following vendors:
Wales Copy in Lexington Center
Lexington Graphics
Staples should be a last resort or used for special projects we can’t get done elsewhere.

Please present receipts from these other vendors to the PTA Treasurers for reimbursement. LPS Print Center jobs should be billed to Bowman PTO.

If you need to print a document in color, please check with our PTA Treasurers at [email protected] ahead of time, and use LPS for your printing, just to make sure the added expense is within budget.


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