March 2022

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Virtual Family Maths Night

Passport to the World Coffeehouse

Disco Bingo and Class Basket Raffle


Introducing Naveen Chhabra - VP Community @ Bowman PTO

Bowman Girls Who Code

Maths Team News

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Virtual Family Math Nights Return To Bowman

Mark your calendars for the return of *virtual* Family Math Nights!

Coming up is the virtual Family Math Night for grades K and 1, which will be held on Tuesday, March 8th, 6:30-7:15pm over Zoom. Family Math Nights are a great way for students and their families to experience the fun of math together.

If you have questions, or if you would like to join our team to help with planning Family Math Night events, email [email protected]

Passport to the World Coffeehouse

Mark your calendars for the Passport to the World Virtual Coffeehouse!  We’ll travel (virtually) to the homes of Bowman students to hear from our artists and writers.  Come to share, or to watch and listen. 

Students are encouraged to share a creative piece about their identity, culture or what makes them unique! This could be an original story, poem, song or visual artwork. Each student will have about three minutes, to allow many students the opportunity to share. 

Passport to the World celebrates Bowman’s diversity and cultures. We hope this event provides a window into the creative Bowman minds. 

All students, families and staff are invited. 

Participants, please sign-up by Wednesday, March 9, 2022:

  • Kindergarten- 2nd Grade Session: Wednesday, March 16, 2022 6:30-8:00pm
  • 3rd- 5th Grade Session: Tuesday, March 22, 2022 6:30-8:00pm

Zoom links will be shared on the date of the event. 

Spotlight on Habitat #5: Seek First to Understand, Then Be Understood

  • I’m confident in voicing my ideas and stories. 
  • I listen to others without interrupting. 
  • I try to understand others viewpoints and feelings, even if they are different from my own. 

Disco Bingo and Class Basket Raffle

Raffle Tickets on sale NOW! 

Each class is putting together a creative basket for a school-wide raffle. Baskets will be displayed in the Bowman cafeteria, starting on March 14th!

3 simple steps to participate

  1. Purchase your raffle tickets online! We are selling sets of 5 raffle tickets for $5. You can purchase as many tickets as you wish. And don’t forget to buy for friends and relatives too! Get your tickets here:
  2. Write your name and class (Grade/Teacher name) on the back of each ticket
  3. Drop them into the bin next to the basket 

You have to be ‘IN IT’ to WIN it!!!

How do I get my tickets?

Order your tickets online:

Tickets purchased before April 1st will be delivered to the class by April 4th. 

Students will have the opportunity to drop their tickets in the raffle ticket boxes with their class. Select the boxes you want to win and drop your tickets in the raffle boxes in school. Don’t forget to drop tickets for the “Teacher Basket” to win for your Teacher!


Winning raffle tickets will be drawn on Disco Bingo Night on April 7th. Winners do not have to be in attendance

Questions? Email [email protected]


Introducing Naveen Chhabra - VP Community @ Bowman PTO

We are a new family to the Bowman school and we want to experience our kids' growth. I believe kids' development, learning, and growth are a joint & shared responsibility between the school and the parents. Working along with other PTO members to foster our children is a common cause for us and is a great source of my personal satisfaction. It is one way for me to stay connected and engage with other families that believe in the shared cause. In today's times our interactions are limited, raising the need to stay connected even more. I am looking forward to contributing by supporting community events and along the way meeting new families, another source of gratification.

Bowman Girls Who Code

Bowman Girls Who Code Club is still going strong with our weekly meetings to learn about coding and build and create wonderful coding projects and animations.  For Valentine’s Day, the students have put together animations using to thank and appreciate the Bowman staff.  Feel free to check out the projects here:

Thanks to the enthusiastic girls who show up every week and our club facilitators. For questions, please email [email protected].

Math Team News

The Bowman Math Teams meet weekly before school. The 3rd graders had their first competition and the 4th and 5th graders had their third competitions in January. Students were given 6 problems and had 30 minutes to solve them independently. Each correct answer was worth 1 point and the top 6 scores became the team’s score.

3rd grade: There are 153 teams participating in this year’s CML Grade 3 Math. Bowman’s team scored 32/36, which puts them in the top 11% in the country and the #1 team in New England. Congratulations to Mousa A. and Ronan P. who each had a perfect score on their test.

4th grade: There are now 88 teams participating in this year’s CML Grade 4 Math at the Pythagorean level. Bowman’s team scored 36/36 on the third test for a total across three tests of 108/108, which means they are tied among the top 8 teams in the country and they are the only perfect team in New England. Congratulations to Azim F., Chris C., Dhruv I., Navya S., Sanav B., Shlok M., Sriman D., Tyler A., and Yonis G. who each had a perfect score on their test.

Pictured: 4th grader Esha is walking through her solution to a problem on a recent test.

5th grade: There are now 97 teams participating in this year’s CML Grade 5 Math at the Pythagorean level. Bowman’s team scored 36/36 on the third test for a total across three tests of 102/108, which put them in the top 11% in the country and #1 in New England. Congratulations to Akshay R., Amy J., Andrew D., Derek Y., Kiernan P., Timothy C., and Ada W. who each had a perfect score on their test.

Excellent job to all three teams! Every member of the team worked hard and can take pride in this accomplishment. The fourth competition for 4th and 5th grade teams and second competition for 3rd grade will take place in February.

Thank You

We would like to share the cards and emails we have received from all of the activities this year, please view them in this Google Doc:

Thank you to Ronan and Kiernan P for the thoughtful card about the PTO!

Big Back Yard

We completed all of the BBY winter walks that were planned! Thank you to all of the parent volunteers who volunteered at Big Back Yard.  We are so thankful that we have two dedicated and amazing BBY coordinators, Shweta Jain and Geetha Pannerselvam, who have tirelessly coordinated with Bowman teachers and staff, room helpers, and volunteers to make these walks happen!

Family Math Nights

Thanks to all of our families who participated in our first math night of the school year for grades 2 and 3. Thanks to Taleen Gleeson and Chris Norman for organizing!

Bowman Staff Appreciation

Thank you to all of the generous donations from the Bowman Community for 1600 roses delivered to our Bowman staff and the Valentine’s appreciation event on February 14.  The contributions were very tasty, fun, and thoughtful!  Thanks to the Staff Appreciation team, Stephanie Roberts, Janice Patel, and Rita Dulgarian for organizing our staff appreciation events. Thanks to Janice Patel, Saori Maeda, Jackie Anderson and Brandy Hartford for making the rose bouquets and Angela Macek, Tracey Dawson and Jessica Aguilar for setting up on February 14.

Bowman Read-A-Thon

Thank you for all of the donations that supported our students’ reading over winter break.  Thank you to our Lakshmi Ramanath and Brandy Hartford for organizing the Bowman Read-A-Thon!

March Submissions

Broadside submissions should be sent to Monika Manocha at [email protected].

The deadline for the April issue is March 22nd.