5th-Grade image Activities Support Documents

This is a guide to help you plan and execute the various activities held each year at Bowman for the 5th Grade. Feel free to make changes, additions, etc. to add your own ideas and updates.  This is just a way to make managing the event easier. At the end of your event, we’d greatly appreciate you providing any updates to the information, timing or documents to assist parent volunteers next year.  Thanks for volunteering!

5th Grade Activities Chair Documents


Blank Facilities Request Form

Activities Recruitment E-Mail

Moving On Ceremony and Reception

Moving On Overview

Moving On To Do Checklist

Ceremony Plan



Slideshow Overview

Parent Photo Request Letter 1

Parent Photo Request Letter 2

Photo Reminder_doc

Song List


Yearbook Overview

Final Yearbook 2020

Final Yearbook 2017

Bowman Yearbook Notes – 2017

Final Yearbook 2016

Yearbook To-Do List

Student Committees

5th Grade T-Shirt

2017-18 T-Shirt Documents Archive (includes: T-Shirt Ideas, Artwork for Left Chest, Artwork for Back, Final Proof from printer, T-Shirt Timeline, T-Shirt Sizes Spreadsheet, T-Shirt Order, Pen Artwork, Pen Order)

T-Shirt Overview

T-Shirt Invoice 2017 from Tricon Sports

T-Shirt Design/Proof 2018

T-shirt design/proof_2015

T-Shirt Design/Proof 2012 (back)

T-Shirt Design/Proof 2012 (front)

Field Day

Field Day Overview

Bandana invoice

Reminders/Instructions Flyer

Game Descriptions

Cap the Cone diagram

Mine Field diagram

Obstacle Course diagrams

Game Signs for Field

Game Schedule with Teams


Equipment Needed

Aeriel Field Map

Games 2014

5th Grade Luau Event

Luau Overview

Luau 2017 Floor Plan

Spinner Music Productions (DJ Invoice 2017)

DJ Invoice_2016

2018 Luau Recommendations

Luau 2017 Tasks, Budget, Planning

Facilities Request

Luau Permission Slip

Luau Invitation_2015

Promo movie

Spaghetti Dinner

Spaghetti Dinner Overview

Ticket Order Flyer

Raffle Sign

Student Permission Form

Email to 5th Grade Parents w/ Permission Form

Training Meeting information

Server Instructions

Email to 5th Grade Parents:  Reminders for night of dinner

Budget numbers


Whitsons PO

Signup Genius for desserts and parent volunteers

Parent Volunteer Check-in Info

Ticket/Host Instructions

Round Table Order Form

Rectangle Table Order Form

Cafeteria Layout

How To Set Table

Table Seating Assignments By Name

Seating and Server Assignments By Table

Submitted Facilities Request

Orders Reconciled with Student Volunteers

Web and Paper Orders with Count by Seating


Contact 5th Grade Activities Organizers at [email protected].